"What did you say?"

I will translate what you said...
from my dogmatic understanding
forgive me, maybe I am wrong

Name of the bird
Maybe you wanted to say...
Gray-faced Buzzard-Eagle
(Anser albifrons)
Kiss me!
White-fronted Goose
(Anser albifrons)
Harry Callahan !
("Dirty Harry")
Indian Cuckoo
(Cuculus micropterus)
One More Bottle !
Narcissus Flycatcher
(Ficedula narcissina)
Jacqueline, Jacqueline !
Narcissus Flycatcher
(Ficedula narcissina)
people pray
Brown-eared Bulbul
(Hypsipetes amaurotis)
Achoo !
Brown Thrush
(Turdus chrysolaus)
Come on, come on tree !
Bamboo Patridge
(Bumbusicola thoracica)
people pray
Bush Warbler
(Cettia diphone)

Please let me know, if you know other "considerings".
Thank you in advance !
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