A Singing Contest

  • Resemblance
  • Ruddy Kingfisher vs Whistle
    Black Woodpecker vs carpenter
    Japanese Grosbeak vs Great Spotted Woodpecker
    Hwamei = Black Paradise Flycatcher + Gray Thrush
    Snort of Japanese Serow vs Nutcracker
    Gray's Grasshopper Warbler vs Little Cuckoo
    Cicada vs Narcisuss Flycatcher (pit call)
    Brown Shrike vs Typing
  • Angry Brown Shrike
  • normal voice vs on the alert
  • Accent..?
  • Japanese Grosbeak in Nobeyama vs in other places
    Short-tailed Bush Warber in Hokkaido vs in Karuizawa
    in Karuizawa vs in Miyake-jima Island
  • Personality (Siberian Blue Robin)
  • Impatient vs Easygoing
  • Mimic
  • originalcopy cat
    Black Kite vs Narcissus Flycatcher
    Azure-winged Magpie vs Bull-headed Shrike
    Great Reed Warbler vs Bull-headed Shrike
    Brown Thrush vs Gray Thrush
    Varied Tit vs Gray Thrush
    Coal Tit vs Gray Thrush
    Narcissus Flycatcher vs Gray Thrush
    Bush Warbler vs Gray Thrush
    Black Kite vs Jay
    Oriental Greenfinch vs Black-browed Reed Warbler
    Great Tit vs Black-browed Reed Warbler
  • Wagtails
  • Japanese Wagtail vs Gray Wagtail
  • Which is the insect's sound ?
  • 1 2
    3 4
  • Cheerful tones
  • Skylarkvs Rustic Bunting
  • kip-kip-kip
  • Long-tailed Rosefinchvs Coot
  • Flapping !
  • Gadwal vs Green-winged Teal
  • Trumpeters
  • Whooper Swan vs Bewick's Swan
  • Kla-ha ! Kla-hah-luk !
  • Bean Goose vs White-fronted Goose
  • "Will you marry me ?" (Brown Thrush)
  • Mr. A vs Mr. B
  • Sweet Voice in Miyake-jima Island
  • Bush Warbler vs Jungle Crow
  • Cuckoo Calls in Green Meadows..?
  • Common Cuckoo in Kirigamine heights vs Jungle Crow in Tokyo
  • Tsickajee Call
  • Black-browed Reed Warbler vs Great Tit
  • Drumming
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker vs Black-faced Bunting
  • A matter of regional difference ? or individuality ?
  • Gray Thursh:
    in Karuizawa vs in Tateshina
    Narcissus Flycatcher:
    in Karuizawa vs in Tateshina

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